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TikTok Advertising. Everything you need to know about New Popular Social Media

Reach diverse audiences around the world through TikTok Ads. Create Engaging and interactive formats for your brand story TikTok is a short video sharing application now has quickly risen to the top. It has more than 1 billion users and people spend more time on this platform. Tiktok is hugely popular in UAE. Companies who want to advertise on Tiktok are interested because of its popularity and the long hours spent watching short videos on Tiktok. It is similar to Snapchat & Instagram.

What is TikTok?

Tiktok was formally Musical.ly which was used to lip-sync on different music and making videos. Now there are different kinds of videos being made by more talented users too. Unlike Instagram, there is no need to follow anyone on Tiktok. You can start watching interesting videos or by hashtags. TikTok videos are 15-seconds long. To make longer videos, make the 4 video stories together to make it 60 seconds long too. If you have more than 1000 followers you can publish lonver videos.

TikTok Advertising Dubai

Tiktok is not for all specially B2B companies. If your target audience is younger people then its wise investment. You also need to invest in great short video creatives. Tiktok also has inbuild Video Creation Kit. This provides video and image templates to customize the ad using existing images. Over 300 free background music templates to choose for your ad and make it much more interesting.

TikTok Advertising Budget

Tiktok advertising cost starts from around $10 CPM and goes higher. Minimum budget of $500 is needed to advertise here. Tiktok ads are still evolving. Its not open for all and small advertisers will need to get preapproved before starting their tiktok advertising campaigns. Big brands with high budgets are the ones who are currently running ads on Tiktok. Its unique and works well for brand awareness.

TikTok Advertising Campaign

Tiktok Advertising Goal: Conversion, Click, or Impression, and your bidding will be optimized based on the goal you select. They also have the ad pixel which can be placed on your website for tracking. Tiktok Ad placement options include Tiktok, newsfeed and the audience network. Tiktok advertisig options also includes age, gender, location, interests, connection type and devices.

TikTok Ad Types

  • Brand Takeovers:

Brand Takeover ads are the ads that pop up right after a user opens TikTok. Takeovers include external or internal links which can either redirect a user to other accounts or TikTok videos, or a website on the internet. Only one advertiser per day can use this type of ad on TikTok.

  • Native Video Ads:

Native video ads are placed either at the bottom of a TikTok video or are put in between the video queue. These ads will direct to website or apps. Native video ads are more affordable than Brand takeover ads.

  • Video Challenges with hashtags:

TikTok’s marketing team teams up with you and generate a unique hashtag challenge for you, encouraging the users to participate in the challenge by making relevant Tiktok videos and using your hashtag under it. See tiktok case studies example

  • Branded Filters and Lenses:

TikTok also offers branded filters and Lenses similar to those AR filters on Snapchat and Instagram. Your brand can have its own filters giving users news face filters, 3D objects, and more to users. This format can get popular and get lots of engagement. Users would use these filters or lenses on their TikTok videos, and this way, you’ll be shown to more and more people on the platform. Looking for Tiktok Advertising in Dubai or UAE?


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