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Personalize your Filters and Lenses! Whether it's a Filter that frames the moments at a friend's wedding, or a Lens that makes birthdays even more hilarious, your custom creations will make any event more special. Does your business want to reach new users on Snapchat? Globally, over 200 million people use Snapchat every day. Overs 10 billion videos are viewed everyday. Over 3 billion snaps are created everyday. Snapchat geofilters are now available for any person or business. Some of new methods of advertising is now available on snapchat. So, what’s your story?

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With new customers with below Advertising options are available on Snapchat

  1. Snap Ads
  2. Sponsored Geofilters
  3. Sponsored Lenses
  4. Success Stories

Snapchat Geofilters & Sponsored Snap Ads for Businesses.

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  2. Grow your Business
  3. Get Real Results

Be seen and sent by Snapchat users everywhere.

If you have a local business with walking customers. Or if your having an event or want to give a promo in your area. Snapchat geofilters can help put your geofilters on the app. Sponsored Geofilters are tiny pieces of art that always make an impression. When Snapchatters in the location(s) of your choice take a Snap, they’ll be able to see your Geofilter and use it to explain where, when, and why they took the Snap. Whether your campaign covers a specific location, a major event, or every mall in Dubai, Abu Dhabi Geofilters uniquely allow brands to take part in the hundreds of millions of Snaps sent between friends each day on Snapchat. This feature is great to put your brand and logo out there for snapchat users.

How much does snapchat geofilters cost?

To advertise on snapchat with geofilters, maximum area you can select is 5000,000 square ft at a time. You can use your geofilters on snapchat for minimum of 1 hour to maximum 30 days. The cost of advertising is varies for different locations. For example crowded place like Dubai mall area can cost you around $700 per hour and palm jumeira can come under $200 per hour. Talk to us about your event and advertising area so we can tell the cost and the reach. If you select a popular spot to advertise where there are more people, you can get good number of impressions for your geofilter. Ask us about your geofilter ad templates.

Advertise in a Snap, the best mobile video ad.

Snap Ads offer the best in mobile video ads with the choice to add an interactive element below. Snap Ads always begin with an up to 10-second vertical, full screen video ad that appears in the context of other Snaps. You can also give Snapchatters the choice to swipe up and see more, just like they do elsewhere on Snapchat. Swiping up reveals extended content like a long form video, article, app install ad, or mobile website. The swipe-up rate for Snap Ads is 5x higher than the average click-through rate on comparable platforms.

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